IBM Enterprise Software & Servicing Offering (ESSO) agreements are used frequently by larger IBM customers. An ESSO can offer real benefits on top of a standard contract and can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

In general, IBM customers will renew their ESSO agreements every three years, and it is important to fully understand your contract ahead of this renewal date. Many ESSO agreements date back years and may have been first implemented by the predecessors in your IT department. These agreements are likely to have been periodically amended, rather than replaced entirely at each renewal point. This means there is often a lack of understanding in enterprise organisations of the benefits that they are entitled to with IBM.

Many hundreds of thousands of dollars can easily be wasted by overlooking the perks available in your ESSO agreement. The inclusions of features such as Substitutable Programmes (Substitution Pots) or Cross-Brand Allotment (CBA) can easily be missed by IT procurements teams if proper procedures and communication are lacking.

To get started with your ESSO agreement review and renewal, download our information pack for an introduction to IBM ESSO agreements.