IBM have announced that the managed infrastructure services from their GTS segment will become an independent company, initially referred to as ‘NewCo.’

In the past, customers with infrastructure managed by IBM GTS often get a de-facto “get out of jail free card” when it comes to licence compliance and audits. While IBM’s software business do, from time to time, conduct licence compliance audits with customers whose infrastructure is fully or partly managed by GTS, the compliance issues identified are often waived or reduced if GTS was directly or indirectly involved in causing the non-compliance.

With this change, the revenue struggle faced by IBM’s software business and the new pressure for it to catch-up on “Cloud/SaaS” computing, we anticipate that this level of leniency will not remain when “NewCo” customers are being audited by IBM in the future.

For IBM customers whose infrastructure is currently managed by GTS, it is advisable to take a fresh look at their IBM licence position, in particular with their GTS estate, and verify any reports that may be created by GTS to ensure any non-compliance risks are identified earlier and rectified promptly.

Link to the full IBM announcement.