Our heritage

FisherITS was founded in 2013, originally as Fisher IT Asset Consulting. We are part of HW Fisher, a London-based, top 25 UK accountancy firm established in 1933. FisherITS is the Software Asset Management Center of Excellence for the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA). The LEA is the second-largest international accountancy association in the world. It has 220 member firms spanning 2016 countries, with a combined revenue of $3bn. Our co-founder and managing director, Eric Chiu, is a member of the ISO Working Group (WG21) that defines and promotes the ISO 19770 standards for software asset management.

SAM & ITAM expertise

ITAM presents two main risks: the financial penalties of license non-compliance, and over-spending caused by low asset utilization or sub-optimal purchasing. To help our clients minimize these risks, we have built a strong team of over 30 licensing consultants with backgrounds as license auditors and vendor-side negotiators. Thanks to the unique expertise of our team and our independent status, our portfolio of assurance, advisory and managed services deliver cost avoidance and savings that, on average, exceed 30% of our clients’ annual software budget.
Eric Chiu
Managing Director
Rafi Saville
Stuart Burns
Andy Rich
Anthony Parfitt

Leadership Team

Eric Chiu, Managing Director

I am the Managing Director of FisherITS and share my expertise in software licensing with my clients to help protect their investments and operations in IT. A veteran of software license compliance, I am experienced in the design and management of software license compliance programs for many top 10 software publishers and have led hundreds of enterprise-level license audits. In recent years, my focus has been on giving strategic and tactical advice in establishing Software Asset Management to a diverse range of clients, from SMEs to large enterprises.

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Rafi Saville, Director

I am an HW Fisher partner, specializing in royalty auditing and licensing. I focus on intellectual property work, particularly licensing audits where I work with clients to maximize revenue from licensing agreements. My clients are active in many exciting business sectors, ranging from character merchandising and brand extension in the media industry, to pharmaceutical and technology licensing. I also work on traditional criminal and civil forensic cases, including breach of contract disputes, money laundering investigations, share valuations, fraud investigations and professional negligence cases, and have frequently appeared in court acting as an expert witness.

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Stuart Burns, Director

I lead HW Fisher’s royalty auditing and licensing division. My work encompasses litigation support, as well as other forensic activities. I advise many owners of intellectual property, including a number of household name organizations. I have been involved with forensic accounting and litigation support for over 28 years, and have frequently appeared in court as an expert witness in over 60 cases.

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Andy Rich, Director

I am joint managing partner of HW Fisher and play a key role in running the firm. I also head up the firm’s not-for-profit group, specializing on the charity side, and act for an array of voluntary organizations. I have a comprehensive understanding of the wide range of issues concerned around charity accounts. I hold the ICAEW Diploma in Charity Accounting. I also have a significant portfolio of commercial clients operating in the media, property and retail sectors.

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Anthony Parfitt, Director

I am responsible for the finance of FisherITS and HW Fisher. I am also head of HW Fisher’s IT Committee and co-ordinate the use of technology and information systems between the two organizations.

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Our Clients

We have enabled successful software cost savings and non-compliance risk mitigations for enterprise customers around the world and across industries. This is selection of our recent clients.

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Software vendor expertise

Many software publishers have extremely complex licensing models that are constantly changing, as well as license consumption measurements that are often difficult to track. Managing software assets from these vendors correctly requires specialized and up-to-date knowledge. This is where we can help.

We have categorized software publishers in three tiers, based on their market presence, audit aggressiveness and licensing complexity, and have developed our level of capability and service offering for each publisher tier accordingly.

Why software asset management?

All software license agreements carry financial risks and cost-saving opportunities. For example, you may have deployed more software than you purchased, making your business non-compliant and at risk of vendor audit penalties, substantial unbudgeted spend and, in extreme cases, criminal proceedings. Or you may have deployed less software than you bought, causing wastage and unnecessary renewal spend.

It’s very rare that organizations are in complete balance and own the exact number of licenses needed. An effective Software Asset Management (SAM) practice eliminates unintended software deployment (cost avoidance) and optimizes existing software licenses (cost saving), aligning software liability and cost to the business value.

Value of SAM

In our experience, the total value of SAM (cost-avoidance and savings combined) is typically between 20% and 40% of a client’s annual expenditure on software (or between 5% and 10% of its IT budget).