The rapid transformation of the digital landscape over the past decade has revolutionised the ability of IT departments to provide fast and effective resources to their workforce and customers.

The ability to instantly scale IT capacity to meet demand through cloud or hybrid infrastructure allows organisations to both plan ahead with confidence or react quickly to unexpected events.

The opportunity to quickly on-board new SaaS applications and immediately distribute software across a workforce allows a business to be agile, productive and fully supportive of a remote and mobile working culture.

However, time and time again we see organisations who have undergone rapid IT expansions but have failed to consider the full implications of this change on their software licence rights and obligations.

For almost any software vendor, exceeding your allowed usage is the most common mistake a company can make. Paying over-usage during a vendor compliance audience will be more expensive than the price you pay during purchasing.

In this white paper we explain how to avoid the most common, and costly, licensing mistakes we encounter when organisations rapidly scale their IT investments.